Our staff is what distinguishes Camp Hi-Ho from other camps. We encourage our employees to play as much as the kids. Our motto is “Where Kids Come First,” but our philosophy is “if our staff is having fun, the campers are having fun.” While our staff works extremely hard and is very well trained in their area of expertise, their main mission is to provide safe fun for the campers.

Being a counselor at Camp Hi-Ho is the best summer job you could ask for. If you enjoy working in an outdoor setting, this job is for you. If you are an active and energetic hard-worker who loves working with children, apply to be a counselor at Camp Hi-Ho!
While this is a dream job for many, please understand the amount of energy and responsibility that is needed to interact with kids for 35 hours every week. Being a counselor is fun, but in order to provide a safe and fun environment for our campers, our counselors must be responsible.

You have the choice of being a counselor in the following areas: Lifeguard (current certification needed by the start of camp), sports, arts & crafts, pet barn, horses, fishing, fort, and archery. You can also apply if you need more leadership experience and would like to become a head counselor.

Please only apply for a counselor position if you are 17 years or older (by the time camp starts). If you are younger, apply to be a Counselor In Training (CIT). CIT’s are 16 years old and are paid $100/week with the great opportunity to become a full-time counselor in the future. We also take volunteer applications, and volunteers start at 15 years old.

We hold interviews during March, April and early May, mostly on the weekends. For out-of-state college students this can be difficult because of travel, but please understand we favor an in-person interview upon hiring.

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Camp Address

5915 Aiken Rd

Louisville, KY 40245

Office Address

3418 Frankfort Avenue, Suite 365

Louisville, KY 40207

Owner & Director

Blaine Lawrence


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