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  • Where KIds Come First!

    Camp Hi Ho is a summer day camp where kids can be, well, kids!

  • Campers and their Counselors

    We employ around 32-40 counselors each week, making our camper-to-counselor ratio around 8:1.

  • The Hi-Ho Express!

    Campers are invited to hop in the back of the Hi-Ho Express every afternoon for a ride around the farm!

  • Relax!

    We are a non-structured camp, so our campers have the freedom to pick and choose which activities they'd like to participate in.

For 29 years, Camp Hi Ho has been making summer memories!

Things to Bring!

We've got you covered! Please check out a list of items to bring, items to leave at home, and other helpful tips to prepare you for Hi Ho.

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2015 Session Dates & Prices

We offer 9 week-long camp sessions. Each session includes all of our activities. Drop off time is from 8:45am-9:00am. Pick up time is 3:15pm for bus riders, at 3:00pm for car riders.

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Oaks and Derby Camp!

Attend a Derby party, and we'll take the kiddos! Oaks and Derby camp is open both days, from 9am-7:30pm, with transportation options in the morning AND evening!

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So, What exactly is Camp Hi Ho?

At Camp Hi-Ho, children can catch a fish, swim, ride horses, ride paddle boats & canoes, snuggle up with puppies and kittens, play sports, shoot water guns in the tree fort, learn archery, swing on a rope swing, speed down a zip line, show off skills at the talent show, cool off on the 100-foot slip n' slide, lather up in the shaving cream "war," bounce off the BLOB into the lake, get a face paint, tie-dye a shirt, and catch critters!

Camp Hi-Ho employs around 32-40 counselors at Camp, making our kid-to-counselor ratio around 8:1, depending on attendance. Campers are assigned one counselor in their age group, and check-in and check-out with that counselor every day. If your camper comes with a friend, and they are assigned different counselors, the ONLY time they will be separated will be at check-in times.

Say What? Kids can do whatever they want? It's true, campers are not told what activities to participate in, or how long. If your camper loves fishing and swimming, why force him/her to do arts & crafts? Yes, we do encourage all campers to give everything a try because it's all fun, but we don't force them to participate in activities they have no interest in. We offer a multitude of fun activities, and children of all ages and backgrounds will find many exciting things to do at Camp Hi-Ho.

Camp Hi Ho Updates

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Catch of the year!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Conner Smith is your winner of the 2011 Catch of the Year! …

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Good, Clean Fun

Don’t worry.  The firemen will hose ’em off!
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Future Engineers

This is how we rebuild America folks!
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Camp Hi Ho Express line

We make our own shade at the Camp Hi Ho Express line.