Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund

We are very excited to announce the Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund. With your help, this program will give children who can’t afford the expense of camp the opportunity to attend a week of summer camp each year.

At Camp Hi-Ho, our passion is getting children outside, helping them unplug and experience nature. Our mission is to provide a safe and unstructured environment for children to explore their interests and learn more about themselves through the activities offered. We desire to help children from all populations experience the joy and fun of summer camp. We recognize that attending summer camp is a privilege that not all children are able to afford for a variety of reasons, and so we began to brainstorm about how we could help give kids the chance to attend camp who wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

In order to make this possible, we have teamed up with a few local organizations that already serve children in our community. Through the Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund, we are beginning a long-term partnership with Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM), the West End School (WES), and Kids Cancer Alliance (KCA). We are inspired by the work these organizations are doing for kids in Kentucky, and we want to help enrich their children’s summer experiences through the gift of camp.

Specifically, the groups of children who will benefit from the Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund are refugee children through KRM, pre-K through 8th grade boys through WES, and children with or recovering from cancer through KCA. We are working with the Community Foundation of Louisville to receive, track, and process monetary donations made to the Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund.

It is our hope that through the Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund we will give more children the opportunity to experience summer camp as part of their childhood. For further details about how each specific organization will benefit from the Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund, please read below.

Kentucky Refugee Ministries:

Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) is an outreach community that advocates for and provides resettlement and comprehensive social services to refugees displaced from their homes all over the world. Over half of these are children. In 2016, KRM helped place over 430 students in schools across Jefferson County. Our hope in partnering with KRM is for Camp Hi-Ho to serve as a safe, welcoming and fun-filled community resource for refugee children to experience American summer camp. Donations from the Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund to KRM will be allocated towards sending KRM children to one week of Camp Hi-Ho.

West End School:

West End School (WES) is a free, private, college preparatory school for PreK to 8th Grade boys from low-income households. WES’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive environment in which academic rigor, character development, and responsible action establish the foundation for a purposeful life. Our hope in partnering with WES is to allow their students ages 5-13 the chance to attend Camp Hi-Ho as part of their summer enrichment program. Donations from the Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund to WES will be allocated towards sending WES students to one week of Camp Hi-Ho.

Kids Cancer Alliance:

Kids Cancer Alliance (KCA) offers a variety of camp and recreational activities year-around for children with cancer and their families. Because of specific health constraints, many kids with cancer are unable to attend Camp Hi-Ho, so we want to enable them be able to attend a camp specifically suited for their unique healthcare needs. Kids Cancer Alliance runs Indian Summer Camp (, a camp that is designed for oncology patients. Donations from the Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund to KCA will be allocated towards sending kids with cancer to Indian Summer Camp, not Camp Hi-Ho.

How to Give:

There are a few different ways you can give to help send a child to camp. You may donate to the General Fund, and the money you donate will be allocated to a child from any of these populations (KRM, WES, or KCA). Or, if your heart is drawn to helping one specific group of children from our partner agencies, you may designate which organization you wish to support, and your money will be directed toward sponsoring one of their participating children.

To make a gift to the General Fund, please press the “Click Here to Donate Now” link found below, and complete the donation form. If you wish to make a designated donation to KRM, WES, or KCA, you may enter the organization’s name in the “Comments” section under the “Additional Information” portion of the form found in the link below.

If you have general questions about the Camp Hi-Ho Scholarship Fund, please contact Carson Lawrence at If you have questions about your donation or how to make a gift, please contact Kate Biagi-Rickert at 502.585.4649.