We have two archery programs at Camp Hi-Ho: Static Archery and 3D Archery. Both programs are led by our trained staff members who are stationed there to instruct, correct, encourage and teach campers how to shoot properly. Read below to learn more about our archery programs.

3D Archery

In 2015, we teamed up with our friends at Shelby County Parks and built a state-of-the-art 3D Archery course. This course has 20 unique targets including deer, turkey, bear, gazelle, wild boar, and cheetah. Two counselors take our 8-11-year-old campers on a 9-minute hike next door through beautiful rolling hills and wooded forests. Each camper carries their own bow and arrows, as counselors pack water for the crew and a walkie talkie to keep in contact with our main campus. Once they arrive, campers are given a quick tutorial by our staff on how to properly shoot. After that, they are free to go through the 3D course independently, with the counselors helping instruct when needed. Groups are usually at the course for an hour, and then counselors lead them back to camp.

The reason we added 3D archery was to give our campers more challenging shots with their bows, and to add another element to our archery program. Bow hunting is steadily gaining popularity with the youth. 3D is a perfect beginning step to see if bow hunting is for you. Even if your camper isn’t into hunting, 3D is a fun and challenging alternative to shooting stationary box targets.

Static Archery

Static archery is for beginners and experienced archers. Campers shoot at six box targets that are stationary but are placed at various differences ranging from 10-yards to 30-yards. Campers of all ages can participate in shooting a bow and arrow at our static range. We always have two staff members to help facilitate games and competitions, and to keep this particular activity safe. Since our static course is on our property and open the entire day, every camper has an opportunity to drop in and shoot a few times if they desire.


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