Arts & Crafts

Arts & crafts is an integral part of the Camp Hi-Ho experience.  We host arts & crafts under our covered pavilion, which is filled with picnic tables and a stage for our Friday talent show.  Campers make tie-dye shirts, lanyards, necklaces, bracelets, shrinky dinks, and can get their face painted and hair wrap by one of our counselors.  This is the place to be when the summer sun is too much and a popsicle and face paint is just what the doctor ordered.  We typically have four to five counselors stationed at arts & crafts who have artistic interest and experience to help our campers create something special they can take with them.  We are always adding new crafts to our program, which keeps our campers interested and excited about hanging at arts & crafts for part of their day.

The talent show is open for all campers, and takes place on Friday from 11:45-12:30.  Campers can sign up all week at arts & crafts by asking one of the counselors to sign their name on this list.  Campers can bring small props, but please leave items like scooters, bikes, skate boards, and iPods at home!

For a tie-dye shirt please bring your own plain white tee shirt, or purchase the “original white tee” during registration or buy one in our shop.  Please only pack small items please, like socks and shirts, in order to conserve our tie-dye.  Sorry, no bed sheets here!  We tie-dye every day but Monday, so be sure to inform your counselor that your child has something to tie dye so we can get them to arts & crafts.

Below are some instructions on how to care for your camper’s tie-dye shirt:

1.) Open the bag up in a sink or tub–basically anywhere that can be cleaned easily!

2.) Take the fabric out of the bag, remove all rubber bands, unfold the shirt and begin rinsing.

3.) Rinse and wring out the shirt until the water is mostly clear.

4.) Put the shirt in the washing machine by itself! (You don’t want any stray dye to get on other clothes, so it’s best to run it alone).

5.) Put the shirt in the dryer on a low setting. Once its all dry the shirt is ready!

6.) After this process, your shirt will be safe to wear and can be washed and dried with other clothes.


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