Farm Activities

In 2017, we took a look around and realized we had a great opportunity to utilize our grounds for more than just wild and crazy fun. So, we adopted a handful of friendly animals and opened up our gardens to allow children to learn and interact with nature in a different way. We hope that by taking a hands-on approach, campers will leave Hi-Ho feeling a little more connected with the world around them.


At Camp Hi-Ho, we have two gardens where we grow a variety of different fruits and vegetables. The kiddos can get their hands in the dirt, pick them straight from the vine, and share with others. We added a pollinator garden in 2018 where campers are able to see several different types of flowers, all grown from seed, as well as the many varieties of butterflies, bees and birds while learning about their role in pollination. Our hope is that we can educate campers on the process of growing food and the importance of good stewardship towards our planet.

Farm Animals

Over the past few years we’ve decided to adopt and breed many different types of farm animals. Campers have an opportunity to go into the pasture and interact with our baby goats, chickens, baby lambs, piglets and ducks.  Holding a baby goat is often a camper’s favorite memory from a week at Hi-Ho.


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