The Fort

The Camp Hi-Ho fort has been around as long as any activity, but nothing has evolved more than this area. We are always adding new structures and swings to make this the most exciting and exhilarating part of camp. We currently have three separate, two-story forts, along with a rope swing, a two-person monkey swing, and a zip line! The fort is also home to a fun log climbing wall and balance beam. This area is the water gun wars hub, so a cold splash of water is a likely outcome of spending time in the fort. BEWARE!

In 2015 we added “Hammock City” to the fort, and strung up 20 nylon hammocks throughout the shaded fort. This is for campers that want to chill out, have a Popsicle and read a book.  Although rare, napping campers have been spotted in Hammock City.

Our counselors are constantly sending kids down the zip-line and swings, while watching out for their safety. The fort is a place where kids can cool off in the shade and catch a breeze at the top of a tree house, or surrender to their peers and be at the receiving end of a water blast.


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