The Lake

The lake is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to be during the dog days of summer. Campers can head down to the lake to participate in a multitude of activities. The Blob is for our adrenaline junkies who feel the need to catch some air on their way into the lake.  We have two water trampolines and Blobs: one for 4-7 year-olds, and one for 8-11 year-olds. Fishing and critter catching is also a favorite pastime for campers who want to connect with their inner-outdoorsman.  Our campers have great luck catching bluegill and bass, as well as frogs and tadpoles around the perimeter of the lake. The rope swing is also a popular way to make your entrance known. Feel like relaxing for a while with your friends? Take a paddle boat for a spin, or try your luck with a canoe or kayak. We also have a 100-foot slip n’ slide next to the lake where campers can cool off and feel the thrill of splashing cold water and wind in their face, while barreling down a large hill.

Lake Safety

Lake safety is at the top of our priority list. At all times, we have a minimum of nine certified lifeguards with CPR training on the premise. Our lifeguards are stationed at the beach, rope swing, the Blobs, and boats. Every camper, no matter their age, must wear a life jacket at all times around the lake (except the fishing pavilion), and this is strictly monitored by our lifeguard staff. For the younger campers with limited swimming experience, we have a very shallow end roped off that is also closely monitored by the lifeguards stationed at the beach.


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