Pet Barn

The Pet Barn at Camp Hi-Ho has found great homes for thousands of puppies and kittens since its inception. This is an activity where campers can cuddle up with puppies and kittens in a well-staffed environment. Campers can play with our animals during camp hours, or have a sleepover with a puppy or kitten during their session. We provide a cage and food if you decide to take home a cuddly creature for a night.

Our mission is to find good homes for these animals, so if you’re in the market for a new family member, please consider going this route! 
You MUST fill out the pet barn adoption form (emailed to you the week before your session) to reserve your pet for a sleepover or for adoption.

Please follow the instructions below for animal adoption (temporary and permanent adoptions):

1. Click Here to access the Pet Barn Sleep Over Interest Form
2. Drive to Camp Hi-Ho (pets cannot ride the bus) to pick up your camper and the pet by 3:15pm. The pet barn is located at the end of the gravel drive in the small white barn at the back of the property.
3. Bring your camper and the pet back to Camp the next morning by 9:00am.


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