COVID-19 Update

2020 recap

We are so incredibly grateful to have successfully operated Camp Hi-Ho in 2020!  Our campers, more than ever, needed to be outside and enjoying nature alongside counselors and other children.  We operated six sessions, split into groups of 10, and socially distanced all groups in order to keep everyone safe.  We learned so much and we are so thankful for the families who signed up in 2020!  Instead of the non-structured style of camp we’ve run for 34 years, we gave each group of 10 a schedule of activities, led by their own counselor.  This was not ideal for the veteran Hi-Ho’ers who expected to be their own boss all week, but it also exposed children to participate in activities they would never choose on their own…and so many campers enjoyed the activities more than they thought they would!  There were many positive lessons learned from the challenging year of 2020 that we expect to implement in future seasons.  Since all activities at Camp Hi-Ho are either completely outside or under roof cover only, we felt confident we could run camp without spreading the virus.  We did not have any cases amongst our camper population, we feel very strongly that being outside helped us tremendously!

Plan for 2021

We plan to return to our original style of camp in 2021: non-structured activities with counselors at each station.  Campers will still check-in and out with their counselor, as well as eat lunch with them, but when the day begins, campers will be able to choose the activities in which they want to participate.  We also plan to add our bus service to and from Ballard High School for 2021.

However, we do not know what the future holds, and there is a very real possibility we will have guidance and restrictions on our capacities which will alter the structure of camp.  Thankfully we have a great back-up plan that we can reimplement with minor tweaks, assuming things will not be more restricted than in 2020!


In conclusion, while we are hopeful to return to our normal structure of camp, we want to make safe choices for your children and our community.  We will continue to make adjustments based on local Covid cases, and work in step with our local health department to provide a safe experience for your children.  Thankfully we have a blueprint for how to run a successful camp in groups of 10, and with much less capacity.  We may not have to use our backup plan, but if we do we promise your children will have fun at Camp Hi-Ho in a safe environment.  As always, we are here to give your children a fun and enjoyable experience by trying new activities, meeting new friends, and being led by one of our many wonderful leaders.  In a pandemic or not, we will do everything we can to deliver this experience to your children.


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