Campers can do what they want??

It’s true, campers are not told which activities to participate in, or for how long. If your camper loves fishing and swimming, why force her to do arts & crafts? Yes, we do encourage all campers to give everything a try because it’s all fun, safe, and healthy, but we don’t force them to participate in activities they have no interest in. We offer a variety of fun activities, and children of all ages and backgrounds will find many exciting things to do at Camp Hi-Ho, while meeting new friends! We place our staff members at each activity to ensure your children are supervised and safe, while getting to exercise their freedom.

Transportation Information

Bus Riders

The bus location is in the back of Ballard High School (6000 Brownsboro Rd, 40222) between the baseball and football fields. There is a $25/camper fee for using the bus for the week.

  • Buses depart Ballard at 9:15 am, so please arrive between 8:50 am-9:10 am for check-in with your counselor.
  • Buses arrive back to Ballard at 3:15 pm.

Car Riders

  • Morning carpool is from 8:45am-9:15am at Camp Hi-Ho. We will email you information regarding drop-off procedures for the morning.  As you enter Camp Hi-Ho, you will be directed to drop your campers off with their counselors as you circle around the front parking lot.
  • In the afternoon, there are two pick-up times: Last names A-L need to be picked up at 2:50pm, and last names M-Z need to be picked up at 3:10pm. This is to cut down on the amount of traffic created on Aiken Rd, and to provide a safe carpool experience for our campers and staff.

2020 Camp Prices

Camp is $295 per camper, per week. There is a $35 fee for Junior High Ho, which is optional for 5-year-olds and mandatory for 4-year-olds.  In order to reserve a spot, you must pay 50% of the registration cost ($147.50) which includes a non-refundable $50 registration fee.  The remaining balance will be due on May 1, 2020.  You will have a monthly payment plan option if you would like to pay the balance off over time.


Camp Hi-Ho is a non-structured, independent play focused camp. So what does that mean when it comes to groups? From the administrative standpoint, it allows us to keep everyone organized and checked in and out each day. This also helps to make sure that our camper to counselor ratios stay as low as possible. Lower ratios ensure the safety of each camper that comes to our camp, and increases the fun for everyone involved! We say this to let you know that our groups are not meant to keep any camper from playing with anyone. In fact, once they are checked in and arrive at camp, it is complete and total freedom (with a little chaos as they sprint down to the lake to be the first ones on the blob). We are all about fun, freedom, and safety; and our groups allow us to achieve these things. With all of this in mind, know that there is no need to request that your child be in a group with someone else, because all children play together at Camp Hi-Ho (it’s kinda what we’re about).

Junior High-Ho

[4-year-olds: Required.  5-year-olds: optional. $35 fee] Junior High-Ho is a group consisting only of 4-5 year olds who haven’t attended Camp Hi-Ho before and are not quite ready for the complete freedom that Hi-Ho offers. Junior High-Ho has a lower camper-to-staff ratio (about 8:1) and the campers stick with their counselor all day.  We encourage all returning 5-year-olds to choose the Blue Group, and not Junior High-Ho. This group is guided by a trained, dedicated counselor who will lead the group from activity to activity. This will give those campers who need extra assurance and encouragement an opportunity to experience the excitement Camp Hi-Ho has to offer, but with more structure and supervision.  There is a $35/week fee for being in Junior High-Ho.

Blue Group

[5-6-year-olds] This is our youngest and most supervised group (aside from Junior High-Ho). “Blue Groupers” enjoy every activity at camp, so don’t worry, your camper will be able to participate in anything he/she is willing to try. We keep our ratios low (approximately 8:1 – 10:1) to ensure these campers are having fun at camp. This group is also good for first-timers who want to jump into the camp experience and hit the ground running.

Red Group

[7-8-year-olds] Always our most rambunctious group, Red Group campers are the life of the party. It might be their sense of entitlement after coming to Hi-Ho previous years, or the age they possess, but whatever “it” is, these kids are ready for a nap come 3:15pm (and so are we)!

Green Group

[9-10-year-olds] These kiddos are ‘”mature” but still enjoy every activity Camp Hi-Ho has to offer, even if they’ve come the past four years. This stuff never gets old!  Green group campers get a few special privileges, such as participating in 3D Archery, trail riding, and using the Big Blob.

Yellow Group

[11-12-year-olds]  This group is our oldest and most seasoned campers.  They hold a special place in our hearts because they have typically been to camp for multiple years and are ready to help the younger campers learn the ropes.  Even though they are the oldest, the yellow groupers still have a ton of fun at Camp Hi-Ho and enjoy our activities.

Counselor Groups

We employ approximately 60 counselors, CITs, volunteers and interns, making our camper-to-counselor ratio around 8:1, depending on attendance. Campers are assigned one counselor in their group based on their color group and transportation method. Campers check-in and check-out with that counselor every day in the morning, in the afternoon for lunch, and at the end of the day for dismissal. If your camper comes with a friend, and they are assigned different counselors, the ONLY time they will be separated will be at check-in times.

We do separate our buses by color group, so if your camper’s friend is a different age, let the counselor know and we will usually let them ride together. Once we arrive at Camp Hi-Ho, kids are free to hang out with anyone they please, no matter their age or counselor.


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