Lunch & Snack Shack


Lunch is $40 for the week. Our sides are served Monday through Thursday for each lunch, and consist of chips, string cheese, Gogurt, pudding and a choice of juice or water.  If you prefer, lunch can always be brought from home. Please note that we do not take daily lunch orders, so please select an option that you will use for the entire week.

Monday: Jet’s Pizza

Tuesday: All-beef hotdogs

Wednesday: Sandwiches

Thursday: Jet’s Pizza

Friday: All-Beef Hotdogs

Snack Shack

The Snack Shack is a magical place where kids can get a refreshing drink or a snack at any time during camp hours. We have a menu full of delicious treats, fresh fruit, ice-cold popsicles, and drinks. Add money to your camper’s account during registration, and/or during the week. $15-$25 should be sufficient for the week. To add money to your account during the week, please put cash or check in an envelope with your child’s name on it, and hand it to your counselor.

This year, we’ve worked on our menu in order to balance out the fun treats with some healthier options. Listed below is what we offer each day to kids:

Drinks (All Caffeine Free):

-Orange Crush

-Purple Fanta


-Root Beer


-Naked Fruit Smoothies

-Coconut Water

-Organic Fruit Juice


Healthy Snack Options:

-Sliced fruit (varying from pineapple, watermelon and berries)

-Freshly Popped Popcorn

-Apple Sauce

-String Cheese

Candy Options

-Cotton Candy

-Push Pops

-Ring Pops

-Skittles (both sour and regular)

-Sour Patch Kids

-Air Head Xtremes

-Air Head Bites

-Regular Air Heads

-Pixy Stix


-Giant Freeze Pops


Ready for camp? Register today to secure a spot for this summer! Our space is limited. Early registration allows you to choose the best session dates for your family!