Do you offer a sibling discount?

We do not offer a sibling discount at this time.

How do you handle refunds?

The $50 registration fee is non-refundable unless you sign up for another session of the same year. We have to be notified that you would like to cancel the week before your camp session in order to process your refund. We cannot give you a refund once the camp week has started.

Do you ever fill up?

Yes, typically we reach capacity in each week. Sessions begin filling up as soon as we open registration in November.

Do you have a wait list?

Yes, we have an automated wait list on our registration site. If we get to you on the wait list, we will contact you and let you know there is a spot for you.

Can we register for individual days and pro-rate the price?

No, we do not pro-rate the price of camp.

Where is the drop-off and pick-up location?

At Ballard High School. (6000 Brownsboro Rd, Louisville, Ky 40222). Our drop-off location is around the back, by the softball field. You will see our buses parked.

Where do we park once at Ballard?

Please park in the middle parking lot, and leave enough room so the buses can depart.

What time do we drop our campers off in the morning, and what time do they return?

Please drop your campers off around 9:00am. The buses leave Ballard at 9:15am, and return at 3:15pm. Please be at Ballard no later than 3:15pm.

Where do we drop our campers off?

Upon arrival to Camp Hi-Ho, we will direct you around our gravel parking lot to drop off your camper(s) in the morning.

Can we park in the morning?

We ask that you please not park or exit your vehicle. The reason for this is traffic flow, as well as our check-in process.

What time do we drop them off, and when do we pick them up?

Please drop off your camper(s) from 8:45am-9:15am and pick them up at 2:50 (last names A-L) or 3:10 (last names M-Z).

Can my camper(s) go home with a friend if we are carpooling?

Yes, please provide a written note telling your counselor the name of the camper(s) your child will be going home with. Without this, we cannot allow them to go home without their parent/guardian.

Can my camper(s) buy lunch for specific days?

No, we do not pro-rate lunch. Lunch is $50 for the week.

What kind of food do you serve for lunch?

Click here to see the lunch menu.

If my camper(s) has an allergy (i.e., peanut, egg, etc) can we still buy lunch?

Yes. Please let us know the allergy so we can monitor what they eat. During registration, please specifically include allergies, and when we run the allergy report, their counselor and our nurse will be automatically notified. However, please take a look at our menu to be sure that your camper can eat what we provide.

How much money is sufficient for the Snack Shack?

Anywhere from $15-$25 is (usually) plenty for a week.

What if we have leftover money in their Snack Shack account?

Money deposited in the snack shack is only refunded upon request.  Campers can buy merchandise with their leftover snack shack money.

What if we need to put more money in their Snack Shack account?

Please put a check or cash in an envelope with the camper’s name on it, and hand it to their counselor.  You can also log onto your portal to add money via credit or debit card.

How did my camper(s) come home with no shoes, no lunch box and no water gun?

We do our best at the end of the day to make sure our campers have everything they came with, but inevitably, sometimes we cannot find certain items. Please put your name on everything they come with, and usually we can track it down.

Where is the lost and found?

We lay out all lost and found items on the patio at the end of every day. Our campers walk past on their way to the bus or carpool, and browse the lost and found.

What do you do with lost and found items at the end of the summer?

We donate these items to charity.

Do you keep lost and found items all summer?

Yes, we separate lost and found items by session and keep them through the end of summer, then donate them.

What if something expensive, like electronics, is lost or stolen?

We are not responsible for any stolen electronics and highly discourage bringing them to Camp Hi-Ho.

If my camper(s) has an allergy or medical issue that requires taking medication, what is done to insure they take their meds?

During registration, please fill out the “medical” question section and notify us of the issue, medication, and dosage amount and times. Our nurse will keep the medications and make sure your child takes them. Their counselor will also be notified of the allergy/condition, and we will place a bright pink wristband on the camper.

If my camper(s) has a behavioral or medical problem, will they be allowed to register?

Absolutely. Once again, please notify us of the issue, and we will handle it accordingly.

Who do I give their medication to?

For bus riders, please give it to Nurse Donna (she will be at Ballard in the morning). For car riders, please give medications to the counselors that are unloading the cars and we will deliver it to Nurse Donna when she arrives.

What if my camper gets hurt?

We take them to our First Aid station where Nurse Donna examines their injury. Nurse donna will call you to come pick up your child if necessary, otherwise, she documents each case that comes to her and follows up with a phone call in the evening.

What if my child is not a great swimmer?

We require life jackets to be worn around the lake at all times. Lifeguards put them on the campers and check them before allowing them in the water. We realize some of the campers are excellent swimmers and may not need a life jacket, but it’s a requirement for everyone who steps foot in the lake. We have multiple certified lifeguards at the lake to make sure it’s as safe as possible. Additionally, we have a shallow end by the beach that is roped off for our younger campers who are unsure of their swimming abilities.

Do you background check your counselors?

Yes, we do criminal background checks on all counselors.

How many counselors do you have?

We employ approximately 75 counselors and CITs.

How old are your counselors?

All of our counselors are 17+ and college students. We also have a Counselor in Training (CIT) program that is for 15 & 16 year olds.

How will I know who our counselor is?

You will receive an email about your counselor the week before your session that provides you with all pertinent information for your upcoming session.

Where is the Pet Barn?

The Pet Barn is located at the end of the gravel drive as you enter camp. Please keep going straight as you enter camp, and the Pet Barn is the white barn at the end.

What time do we pick up pets?

Please arrive at the Pet Barn at 3:15pm.

Where do we drop them off in the morning?

When arriving at camp, please notify the traffic director that you are going to the Pet Barn. Drop off your pet, and on your way back out, please drop your camper off at the normal drop-off location.

Can my child bring props for the Talent Show?

Yes, but please keep them to a minimum and only items that can be easily stored with their belongings.


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