What to Bring

Recommended List to Pack

  • Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen to your camper in the morning prior to drop-off, and his/her counselor will re-apply at lunch. Please pack sunscreen with your camper, and it never hurts to write their name on the bottle.
  • Towel: A towel that you won’t be heartbroken if returned muddy is always a good idea.
  • Lunch: If you didn’t select our lunch option, please pack a lunch. Most parents pack a cooler-lunch box with an ice-pack.
  • Shoes: Only in Kentucky would we need this reminder! Crocs or Natives are great for Camp Hi-Ho, as are aqua-socks/water shoes. Once again, something that can get wet and muddy is preferable.
  • Swim suit: It is best to put your camper’s swimsuit on under their clothes.
  • Snack Shack money: If you pre-loaded your account during registration, you’re on top of it! If not, and you want to add money (or re-load during the week), please put cash or check in an envelope with your camper’s name on it, and hand it to your counselor!

**Please put your camper’s first and last name on every item. This makes it much easier to return items during lost & found**

Items NOT to bring

  • Electronics: iPads, iPhones, E-Readers, tablets, etc. Come on, it’s camp! These expensive items can be lost, rained on and damaged. It’s best to leave them at home and to let your kiddo have an unplugged experience.
  • Pocket knives, hammers, tools: These items are not needed. We’ve already built the fort, so no need for help from our campers.
  • Fishing poles: We have plenty of fishing poles for our campers, but if you must bring one, it is acceptable, but please remove the hook before loading it on the bus/car.


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