Horse Riding

Horse riding is a central part of camp, and is available all day to our campers.  We have trained counselors with equine experience to ensure safety and fun for campers interested in gaining experience with horses.

Arena Riding

Our on-site riding program is fun, safe, and easy for campers of all ages.  We use two of our own horses to lead campers around at a slow pace.  We have both an indoor and outdoor arena to ensure campers can ride despite bad weather.  Campers learn how to mount, keep good posture, turn the horse, dismount, and basic cleaning techniques.  On hot days the horses (and campers) get an extra special treat when we spray our horses down to cool them off.  We have time slots in the morning and afternoon for campers wanting to ride.  This is a perfect opportunity for campers to ride a horse for the first time, but this timeless activity is also great for the adventurous and experienced horse rider as well.


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