Our Staff

If you are a hard-working, go-getter who has endless energy and loves children, this job is for you.  Apply now to be a part of the Camp Hi-Ho team and start the process of the getting the best job ever!

Blaine Lawrence (Owner & Director)

Allie Alford (Events Coordinator & Operations Manager)

Amy Riddle (Office Administrator)

Stephanie Callen (Staff Supervisor)

Internship Program

The Camp Hi-Ho Internship program was designed to enhance the camper experience through specialized programs and activities, led by motivated individuals. Using their communication, creative, and organizational skills, these individuals will have the unique opportunity to impact and engage with our campers each week. We hope that through this program, both the interns and the campers will leave their mark on Hi-Ho by learning from one another and by feeling more connected with the community and world around them.

Internship Positions

Social Media/PR Internship

Equine Internship

Education: Science Based Internship

Education: Art/Drama Based Internship

Agriculture/Sustainability Internship

Counselors [Ages 17+]

Being a counselor at Camp Hi-Ho is the best summer job you could ask for. While this is a dream job for many, please understand the amount of energy and responsibility that is needed to interact with kids for 35 hours every week. Being a counselor is fun, but in order to provide a safe and fun environment for our campers, our counselors must be responsible hard workers.

Please only apply for a counselor position if you are 17 years or older (by the time camp starts). You have the choice of being a counselor in the following areas: Lifeguard (current certification needed by the start of camp), sports, arts & crafts, pet barn, horses, fishing, fort, and archery and zip line.

Our counselors not only work together during the day at camp, but we do many fun activities outside of camp like weekly staff dinners, angle ball and kick ball games at Seneca Park and camping trips.  Being a part of the Camp Hi-Ho team is also a great way to meet lifelong friends.

Counselors in Training [Ages: 15-16]

CITs are an invaluable part of the Camp Hi-Ho staff. They help run different activities at camp, while also gaining experience working with children. CITs are paid $9.50/hour. This is a great program to allow this age group an opportunity to learn more about Camp and to get some on-site training to apply to be a counselor at Hi-Ho in the future.

Volunteers [Age: 14]

We have very limited volunteer opportunities at Camp Hi-Ho.  Please contact us if you would like information on volunteer positions.


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