Social Media/PR Internship

Duration & Time Commitment

  • May 14th – August 10th, opportunity to go beyond summer months
  • Hours: 12-30 hours a week; will establish timeframe upon hiring
  • Opportunity to work events and birthday parties on the weekends during our season

Mission of Position

This internship position provides you the opportunity to create content for our social media websites. You will be in charge of updating and posting each week, connecting our following to our camp experience. Furthermore, you will also be in charge of publishing our newsletter that is sent out to each session’s parents. It will include content from each internship, updating them on the new, unique opportunities their campers had while at camp. It will also include camper and counselor testimonials on what made “Session 1-9” so great. Finally, you will be in charge of creating our 2018 album to commemorate this summer experience.


  • A self-motivated individual who is able to work cooperatively with other interns, staff, campers, and parents
  • Must be enrolled in college
  • Communications background preferred

Duties Include

  • Posting/updating social media sites at least 3 times a week
  • Helping update our brochures/marketing materials
  • Interacting with campers and hearing their take on Hi-Ho
  • Checking in with other interns to learn their lesson plans/experiences with Hi-Ho
  • Creating the session newsletter to be sent out each Friday at 3pm
  • Creating the 2018 album


  • To help promote Camp Hi-Ho’s mission in connecting campers to the outdoors
  • To connect parents to their child’s experience
  • To promote the different options Camp Hi-Ho has beyond just the camp experience (ie. events, birthday parties)
  • To allow the intern an opportunity to make a measured and real impact on Camp Hi-Ho